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STORZ Medical is the pioneer in transforming the use of shockwaves to generate pulsating acoustic waves that are effective in anti-cellulite treatment and body shaping. We invite you to come learn more about how AWT technology can transform your practice and provide your clients visible and lasting results in a short period of time.

Storz Medical expanded their services in 2009 to offer the benefits of this technology in the realm of  aesthetic medicine. EPAT treatments are effective in treating imperfections such as cellulite, fat, skin laxity, body remodelling, and facial concerns like wrinkles, fine lines, and firmness. Vale Medical’s dedication to Shockwave technology is unmatched, providing a distinctive and superior experience for all of our clients in the aesthetics field. 



D-ACTOR® 100 »ultra« is STORZ MEDICAL’s body and face equipment with Radial Acoustic Wave technology. This device allows you to work effectively on cellulite and localized adiposity, obtaining an immediately visible and lasting remodelling effect. AWT® Radial Acoustic Wave technology stimulates a physiological response and accelerates the natural tissue repair processes, with a non-invasive method and avoiding side effects, for long-lasting results.

AWT® Radial Acoustic Waves act by promoting blood circulation, improving the permeability of cell membranes and the exchange of substances between cells and the surrounding environment by eliminating waste and, last but not least, they enable the reduction of fat cells and the regrouping of connective tissue . This method reactivates the metabolism by encouraging lipase, increases venous-lymphatic microcirculation, stimulates growth factors, increases the production of collagen and elastin, all of which improve the skin tone in terms of elasticity and firmness.
With this equipment you can perform treatments to reduce fat and cellulite imperfections, to remodel the silhouette, for visible results already evident in the initial treatment sessions.

Acoustic waves are also a great way to treat the face. For this reason, we have studied specific anti-aging protocols to restore skin tone and firmness, restore a more oxygenated and even complexion, reduce wrinkles, outline and lift the contours of the face.


Types of treatments & Results


AWT® Acoustic Wave treatment uses the natural repair mechanisms of the human body. The stimulus produced by the Acoustic Waves is transformed into chemical-biological activity, a phenomenon known as mechanotransduction. The propagation of Acoustic Waves takes place according to acoustic-optical laws. A variation in acoustic properties, such as sound density or sound velocity of the interfaces between various tissues (skin, fat cells or muscles), creates a jump in acoustic impedance with a consequent release of energy. 

This phenomenon produces biomechanical effects such as the contraction of lymphangions and improved permeability of the cell membrane with temporary increase in local blood circulation. In medical equipment, the synergy between Planar and Radial Acoustic Waves is exploited. 

Radial Acoustic Waves, on the other hand, are generated mechanically by a projectile repeatedly subjected to acceleration by compressed air. Upon impact of the bullet with a transmitter, energy is inserted into the tissue. Various types of transmitters enable different structures to be treated.


The V-ACTOR® handpiece for pre- and post-treatment vibration stimulation has an ergonomic shape that makes it easy to manoeuvre. V-ACTOR® handpiece delivers and transmits vibration waves, an indispensable aid in all AWT® body protocols in combination with acoustic waves. The main function of V-ACTOR® is to stimulate blood circulation, lymphatic circulation and the main lymphatic stations to promote the elimination of waste products and excess fluids. The Vibration Waves waves also have an anti-inflammatory and decongestant action. On the muscles and tensions, the vibratory waves have a myorelaxant effect, stimulate the body tissues, promote better oxygenation and give an immediate sensation of well-being.



Vacuum is an integrated solution to all protocols. It works on the body on adhesions and connective tissue, draining, eliminating toxins, promoting circulation and skin oxygenation.


The adipometer is an ultrasound that makes a two-dimensional scan of the anatomical areas whose structural and morphological characteristics are to be assessed.

The stratigraphy allows there to be an objective investigation of the adipose composition. It supplies an initial anamnesis and a constant monitoring of the treatment, allowing maximum personalization of the treatment. It’s a 2D photograph of the tissue. It analyses the layers of the tissue, dividing and breaking down the adipose layers: superficial fat, deep fat and muscle fascia. It analyses the quality and thickness in millimeters of the superficial, deep fat and muscle fascia. Using this method, it is possible to understand how to best apply the AWT® acoustic wave equipment, adjusting the intensity of the treatment according to the desired result.

Precise quantification of the fat lets you make the right of treatment choice and therefore optimising your work and more satisfaction for your customer who will also appreciate your great professionalism.





The Acoustic Waves of the D-ACTOR® Falcon handpiece are generated by a projectile repeatedly accelerated by compressed air. Upon impact of the bullet with a transmitter, energy is introduced into the tissue. Various types of transmitters allow different structures to be treated!

The D20-S, D20-T and F15 applicators come with the D-Actor Package.

ST-20 SOFT TOUCH Applicator

Used For: Disposable silicone applicator for the face

D20-T Applicator

Used For: Intensive treatment of cellulite

Penetration depth: 50 mm

Intensity: 9/10

F15 Soft Focus Applicator

Used For: Facial Treatments

Penetration depth: 30 mm

Intensity: 1/10

D20-S Applicator

Used For: Standard treatment of cellulite

Penetration depth: 50 mm

Intensity: 7/10

D20-S Applicator

Used For: Standard treatment of cellulite

Penetration depth: 50 mm

Intensity: 7/10

D35 S Soft Focus Applicator

Used For: Laxity and drainage

Penetration depth: 60 mm

Intensity: 6/10

C15 Cerama-X APpilcator

Used For: Treatment of sensitive skin

Penetration depth: 60 mm

Intensity: 6/10

Frequently Asked Questions

Treatment sessions may vary depending on the area to be treated. Frequency of treatment are 6-10 sessions at intervals of 3-7 days.


Prior to treatment with acoustic waves, a layer of gel is applied between the skin and the handpiece to stimulate the connective tissue. High frequency acoustic waves are than emitted to the area of treatment that feel more like a pulsating sensation. Duration of treatment is usually 30-45 mins also depending on the size of the treatment area.


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