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The I Love Shockwave Training Centre is devoted to aiding healthcare professionals in providing remarkable outcomes for their patients and clients through Shockwave therapy. Our team of fulltime practitioners have a wealth of knowledge and research in musculoskeletal management and correction. We are passionate about Shockwave and have seen the remarkable results it can bring. We are devoted to forming a supportive Shockwave certified community of practitioners and offering the best training and support. We welcome you to join us and be part of our community!

The I Love Shockwave Training Centre

At the I Love Shockwave Training Centre, we have extensive knowledge and practical experience in extracorporeal shockwave and radial pressure wave therapies, which provides us with a unique understanding of the inner workings of a busy regeneration clinic. Our daily interactions with clients, who present a wide range of conditions on the pain and injury spectrum, have given us valuable insights that enable us to enhance treatment efficacy through specific protocols and develop techniques that increase the lifespan of your device. We provide shockwave training courses that cater to the skill levels of practitioners at every stage of their career, regardless of the type of shockwave device they use. Whether you’re a novice or have decades of shockwave experience, the I Love Shockwave Training Centre offers a plethora of learning and development opportunities.

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I LOVE SHOCKWAVE Training Packages

Fundamentals of Radial Shockwave Therapy

All Courses Radial Shockwave​
$ 1986.00
  • 118 Lessons
  • Teaches you how to provide safe and effective Radial Shockwave Therapy treatments for the most common clinical conditions.​

5k Ultimate Radial Shockwave Training

All Courses Radial Pressure Wave
$ 5000.00
  • 409 Lessons
  • A program designed to train therapist in hands-on application of R-SWT and how to achieve maximal results from simple to the most complex cases using only Radial Shockwave Therapy.

5k Ultimate Duo Radial + Shockwave Training

All Courses Radial + Shockwave
$ 5000.00
  • 253 Lessons
  • Ultimate Duo - Unparalleled Shockwave Therapy Training for Tissue Treatment and Non-Invasive Regeneration. Online or In-Person (or both).

5k Ultimate Shockwave Therapy Training

All Courses, Shockwave
$ 5000.00
  • 154 Lessons
  • A program designed to upgrade doctors to confidently treat and regenerate stubborn Orthopaedic conditions using only Shockwave Therapy.

Along with Our Ultimate Shockwave Therapy Training You Get Access To:

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