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Lojer Wall Mounted Rehab Pulleys

Gold standard rehabilitation pulleys

The Lojer mounted pulley is a versatile training tool that is commonly used in physiotherapy and other rehab a disciplines to improve and strengthen different parts of the body. Its design enables precise resistance training with small weights and increments. The pulley can improve circulation, coordination, endurance, and overall strength depending on the specific exercises performed. It is a valuable tool for healthcare professionals looking to help their patients recover from injuries or improve their physical fitness.


What makes speed pulleys so effective?

1. Possibility to start with a sufficiently small resistance, and adjustment of the resistance in the smallest steps using one or two tow ropes

2. Weight is not “lost” and it does not vibrate even if explosive exercises are performed

3. The mobility of the device brings various possibilities to rehabilitation outpatient clinics, for example

4. Training resistance changes 0.5 kg per weight, per cord.

Lojer Mounted Pulleys

Lojer Mounted Speed Pulley

Although Speed Pulleys are designed to allow exercises based on varying speed, they also offer a plethora of other exercises. The faster one moves, the greater the resistance becomes, making the exercise more challenging. These pulleys provide the same exercises as standard pulleys, but their longer ropes and two handles offer endless possibilities for different exercises, limited only by one’s imagination. For example, you can use one handle for the exercise and the other one for stabilization and core training.

Lojer Standard wall mounted pulley

A highly versatile piece of equipment that can withstand the wear and tear of even the busiest of rehabilitation clinics.  Along with its various accessories, the Lojer Standard pulley is a leading piece of rehabilitation equipment ready to enhance the outcomes of your patients. 

The new lojer Pulley black edition

The newest line from Lojer -the black series pulley.  The same world class pulley, in a slick and elegant black finish.

The extremely smooth pulling mechanism of Lojer Speed pulleys allow even explosive exercise movements – without losing or jolting the weight. Speed pulleys have a very light weight stack – you can start from 500 gram resistance. You can also double the weight by connecting both ropes to one handle.

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