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Vale Medical is here to provide you with the perfect Shockwave (EPAT) device that aligns with your practice’s needs. Each of our state-of-the-art devices is designed with the same core purpose: to deliver exceptional patient outcomes using shockwave therapy. However, as your practice evolves, so may your requirements for a device’s features and capabilities.

Storz Medical has engineered  basic models perfect for practices taking their first step into shockwave therapy to advanced units packed with industry-leading technology, find the exact match for your clinical setting.

Learn how our Shockwave devices are not just tools but investments in the future of your practice. Devices with scalable features allow you to expand your services and cater to a growing patient base without the need for immediate upgrades.


  • Storz Masterpuls One
  • Storz D-Actor 50
  • Most Popular Device
    Storz D-Actor 100 Ultra
  • Storz D-Actor 200 Ultra
Shockwave Features Storz Masterpuls OneStorz D-Actor 50
Most Popular Device
Storz D-Actor 100 Ultra
Storz D-Actor 200 Ultra
Shockwave Features
Entry Level, Portable Shockwave for traveling therapists or small clinics.
Smallest Full-scale Shockwave Machine for small clinics
Powerful device, with portability for medium to large sized clinics looking to scale
Large clinics looking for the most power to maximize the potential of shockwave therapy
Frequency (Hz)
D-ACTOR 200 is the only device capable to run at Max Frequency + Max Bars
6 – 18 Hz 1 – 17 Hz1 – 21 Hz1 – 21 Hz
Pressure Range (Bar)2.7 bar4.0 bar5.0 bar5.0 bars
Type Of HandpieceSparrow™Falcon™Falcon™Falcon™
Compressor PowerSmall CompressorMedium SizeVery PowerfulExtreme Power
Integrated Controls in Handpiece
»Skin Touch« Function
Customizable Operation
Can control both frequency & Power of shockwaves separately
Portable Shockwave Device
Storz Medical 10″ Tablet (Optional)
Able to control all devices functions from the screen.
V-ACTOR® Therapy (Optional)
Vibration Therapy Handpiece. Must have integrated tablet to control Hz.
1-21 Hz1-50 Hz1-50hz
VACU-ACTOR® Therapy (Optional)
Vacuum / Cupping Therapy
Multiple Transmitter Heads (Optional)
Masterpuls One has proprietary transmitters to the Sparrow handpiece and these cannot be interchanged.
Vale Support & Training
After Sale support and training
Warranty & Service
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