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Vale Medical supplies revision Kits for Storz Shockwave users as well as any other Shockwave device using the Storz hand piece including the Chattanooga RPW2.

The Falcon Revision Kit 
The Ultra Revision Kit 
  • Revision Kit for Storz Shockwave units as well as any other Shockwave device using the Storz hand piece. The Storz models: MP50 Elite, MP100 Elite, MP200 Elite,  and older styles of the Mp50, MP100, MP200  radial shockwave / Acoustic wave system will use the ULTRA Revision kit.

Recommended servicing of hand piece is approximately 1 – 1.25 million hits. Always have a revision kit on hand for quick change overs to avoid downtime.

Please read our latest Shockwave revision kit blog if you are unsure of which revision kit you need or any maintenance information for revision kits.

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If you are not sure which Revision kit you require please select the "Not Sure" option and one of our representatives will be able to help you identify which kit you need.