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MasterPuls® ONE SPARROW® Handpiece

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The SPARROW™ radial handpiece, which has recently been developed, boasts a sleek and minimalist design. It generates minimal handpiece vibrations by providing excellent damping during pressure wave generation. This unique feature allows the MASTERPULS® ONE to operate for an extended period, far longer than other radial pressure wave systems currently available. The SPARROW™ handpiece’s light-weight and ergonomic design enable effortless handling and treatment. Moreover, users can service the handpiece themselves, leading to cost savings. Overall, the SPARROW™ handpiece offers reliable and cost-effective treatment options, providing energy input over large tissue areas with minimal vibrations and effortless handling.

Practitioners can purchase an extra handpiece to have on hand. Equip your extra SPARROW™ with a different applicator so there is limited downtime during a treatment. Simply take the connector tube and switch to other SPARROW™ handpiece . 

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