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STORZ Medical Tablet

Introducing the Storz Medical 10″ Tablet – the ultimate add-on for clinicians using Storz Medical’s standalone shockwave devices including the D-Actor 50, D-Actor 100 Ultra, D-Actor 200 Ultra and Duolith SD1 Ultra Focus T-TOP

This tablet enables full control of shockwave functions, including the V-Actor handpiece. It also offers access to the Visible Body® digital anatomy atlas and patient management with treatment history. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, the Storz Medical 10″ Tablet is an essential tool for any practice looking to provide top-quality care. 

You will need this tablet to unlock the full potential of the V-ACTOR® II handpiece.

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With this tablet, clinicians can easily adjust parameters such as frequency, energy level, and pulse duration, as well as choose the appropriate treatment program for their patients. The tablet’s responsive touch screen makes it easy to operate even in a busy clinical setting.

In addition to its shockwave control functions, the Storz Medical 10″ Tablet also includes access to the Visible Body® digital anatomy atlas. This feature provides clinicians with a detailed and accurate view of the human anatomy, allowing them to visualize the area being treated and make informed decisions about treatment protocols. The patient management feature allows clinicians to keep track of their patients’ treatment history, making it easy to review and adjust treatment plans as needed.

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