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Types of Shockwaves

Radial Pressure Wave

The generation of radial pressure waves is generated by the collision of a projectile accelerated by compressed air or electromagnetic induction on an impact body (applicator). Most of the energy is transferred as a pressure wave into the adjacent medium. The wave propagates radially from the applicator, with the square of the distance the energy decreases.

Electromagnetic Shockwave

In electromagnetic shockwave generation the shock wave is emitted by a flat coil or a cylindrical coil by electrical pulses. In the flat coil a membrane is deflected which compresses a medium (water). The pulse is focused by means of an acoustic lens. In the cylindrical coil the shock wave is focused by a reflector.

Electro-hydraulic Shockwave

The oldest principle used in medicine is that in which the shockwaves are generated by a spark plug, the electro-hydraulic principle. The shock waves propagate in a medium (water) and are also focused in one place by a parabolic mirror.

Piezoelectric Shockwave

The piezoelectric principle is based on a focusing of pressure waves, which is produced by the electrical activation of piezoelectric crystals. The piezoelectric crystals are mounted in a shell in such a way that the pressure waves of each crystal meet in a focus.


Improvement for Overhuse Injury Pain 91%

No Data Found

Improvement for Calcific Shoulder Pain 83%

No Data Found

Improvement for posterior Heel Pain 76%

No Data Found

Improvement for Heel Pain 90%

No Data Found

Improvement for Elbow Pain 80%

No Data Found

Improvement for Knee Pain 88%

No Data Found

iMPROVEMENT FOR myofascial trigger points 80%

No Data Found

Improvement for Acupuncture pressure wave technology 90%

No Data Found

Research & Evidence

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