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Extending the Life of Your Shockwave Revision Kit

Chances are, you’ve come across this article because it’s time to update your Storz Medical revision kit, and you’re seeking guidance on the process and choices available, or you’re troubleshooting a problem with your handpiece that might stem from the revision kit’s tube and bullet. Regardless of the cause, we recommend delving into our enlightening blog to gain a thorough understanding of everything pertaining to Storz Medical revision kits!

Routine servicing of your Storz Radial Shockwave equipment is crucial for delivering reliable and effective treatments that your patients deserve. Components, due to the nature of Shockwave therapy, wear out, particularly the revision kit within the Falcon or Ultra handpiece. That being said, it is typically one of the first tasks of shockwave maintenance busy clinicians neglect or forget to do and this can have some pose some risks at the quality of treatment your patients are receiving. We always stress to treat your revisions as if you were getting an oil change for your car or truck and try to stay on a strict cleaning and replacement schedule.

With a manufacturer warranty for up to a million hits, diligent maintenance can potentially extend the life of that revision kit as well. Its lifespan hinges on usage frequency and cleaning regimen. Clinic owners and therapists favour STORZ Medical shockwave equipment for the swift and simple replacement of the revision kit, ensuring minimal interruption to clinic operations, even if a change is needed amid a session, an advantage over other brands.

In this guide, we’ll address the frequently asked questions and issues related to updating your Revision kit. Our goal is to ensure you have the knowledge to maximize your shockwave device’s performance.


When should I replace the shockwave revision kit?


Typically, a single kit (1 tube, 1 bullet) is good for up to 1 million shockwave hits, but with proper upkeep, it can exceed this number without reducing treatment efficacy. If you notice irregularities during treatment, such as fluctuating pressure wave frequencies, the bullet jamming or getting stuck in the barrel, or inconsistent operation, your first step should be thoroughly cleaning the tube and projectile. But don’t just wait until you have an issue with your revision kit to clean it. You and your team should stay on a regular and consistent cleaning schedule of your handpeice to ensure it is optimized at all times.  Should issues persist after cleaning, it’s likely time to install a new kit, ensuring you continue to provide top-notch treatments as a healthcare provider. Please watch the video below on how to dissemble the Falcon handpiece revision kit .


What is the difference between the Falcon Revision Kit and the Ultra Revision kit?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions we get about Storz Medical revision kits. The Ultra revision kit caters to the earlier models of Storz devices, characterized by its longer size compared to the more recent Falcon Revision kit. To determine whether you have an Ultra or Falcon Handpiece, simply measure the length of the Tube. The Ultra’s tube measures 17.5 cm, while the Falcon’s is shorter, at 14.6 cm.

Majority of those who have purchase a Storz Medical device after 2018 will most likely have a Falcon handpiece. The Falcon handpiece, allows for shock administration at .3 bars and is the more compact of the two options. We will guide you on how to identify whether you have  Ultra or Falcon Handpiece.

Both handpieces may look identical from afar, however the clear indicator of which revision kit your shockwave device requires can be found by inspecting the base of the handpiece barrel. Falcon handpieces are distinguishable by the absence of a 1-inch silver ring connecting to the handpiece’s main body (as seen in the photo). If you have the silver ring you will need an Ultra Revision kit, if there is not ring you will need to purchase a falcon kit.  Buy MASTERPULS® ONE Radial Pressure Wave



If you have the Master Pulse One with the proprietary Sparrow Handepiece, you may be wondering how this all relates t0 you. Your revision is simple and doesnt involve any head scratching as you will just need to purchase a falcon revision kit.


What does the Revision kit contain?

The Dual Revision kit includes a pair of Tubes, a duo of projectiles commonly known as the “Bullet,” and two sets of O-Rings, and a pipe cleaner to clean the tube.

Will Storz revision kits work on a Non-Storz Device like the Chattanooga RPW2 or Orthopulse Shockwave?


Yes! Our revision kits are not just for the Storz Medical D-Actor line. Many competing devices use Storz Medical handpieces which take the same revision kits. If your device is a Chattanooga Shockwave, Orthopulse, or Miracle Wave, all of these will take the standard Storz Medical revision kits and will be be compatible if your unit employs a STORZ handpiece, like those used with the Chattanooga RPW, RPW2 models and the Orthopulse 100. To ensure compatibility, you should follow the previously described steps to identify the correct revision kit for your particular unit or contact us through the link below and we will be able to assist you in identifying your revision kit model.


How do I prolong the life of my Storz revision kit?


To prolong the life of your Storz revision kit, ensure you perform regular maintenance, which includes cleaning the handpiece and tube with the appropriate tools after each use, following the manufacturer’s guidelines for use to avoid unnecessary strain on the components, and storing the device correctly when not in use. Depending on how often you use your shockwave therapy device, we highly recommend cleaning your revision kit once to twice a week, clearing it of any gel and using the pipe cleaner to remove any residue from the inside of the barrel.

Quick Tip: Take a alcohol swab and push it through with a small rod or stick. Pass this through the barrel a few times to assure you have removed all dirt particles from the tube.

Additionally, routine inspections for wear and tear can help you address any issues before they lead to the need for a replacement. Proper handling during use will also minimize damage and extend the lifespan of the kit.


Where do I purchase Storz revision kits?


You can purchase a Storz Revision kit at any authorized US STORZ Medical distributor. But look no further, Vale Medical has you covered. We always place a high priority on keeping Storz revision kits in stock, so you can minimize any downtime in your clinic. We highly suggest clinicians stock up on an extra dual revision kit to keep on hand at all times.

Storz Medical Revision Kit

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If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us, we are happy to assist you on all your shockwave needs!




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